Keeping the Momentum Going

It’s only natural that many children start to switch off, and become a little bit demob happy when the final day of primary school is approaching. Think of any situation in the adult world where we come to the end of a job or a project, and you’ll find that precisely the same sort of thing happens. However, there is a lot to be said for keeping your foot on the gas, and ensuring that your child continues to work hard at primary school. It’ll make it easier for them to pick up, and start working again when they arrive at high school.

Make sure that they’re allowed to let their hair down when any last day of school activities are actually taking place, but otherwise, give them gentle guidance that keeps them focused, and reminded of the importance of every single day, that they spend in school, for as long as you can. Just a word of warning though; the odds are that you’ll lose this battle eventually. When that happens, try to be relaxed about it, and allow them to get on and enjoy the final days.