What If You Don’t Get in to Your Chosen Primary School?

It’s a horrible situation; you set your heart on your child being able to attend a particular primary school, and when the results are published, they haven’t got in. While appeal processes do exist for exceptional circumstances, in general, it’s far better to have a number of backup options, that you know will be perfectly suitable for your child in the event of them not being able to attend your first choice of primary school, and feeling disappointed.

This may make the initial research process a little bit longer, and more arduous than you might hope. Trust us though, when you’re talking about several years of your child’s life at a particular school, it’s well worth putting in a couple of extra hours, to make sure that your child will definitely be going to a school that they will be happy with. You’ll thank us when they go off to school with a massive smile on their face every morning.

The initial process of finding and getting your child into the right school can be a very tough one. However, we promise that it’s worth the bother to make the right choice.