Teachers’ Guide to Appropriate Clothing in a Primary School

Working as a teacher can be a challenge. When you’re dealing with primary school-aged students, it can come with additional rules and expectations. Teachers should be good role models to their pupils, aiming to always hold themselves to a high standard that won’t cause any offence or upset. Here you can find our guide for appropriate clothing for teachers working in a primary school.


When it comes to young primary school children, the difference in the environment and being surrounded by many people can be pretty intimidating. They’re at a particularly challenging period in their life, learning more about the world around them and where they fit into it. Teaching staff in this environment should aim to be approachable, with clothing choices playing a role in this. Particularly if teaching younger children in year 1, a teacher may wish to choose outfits that have fun colours and patterns that are engaging for a young child’s mind and don’t come across as overly formal and strict. While professionalism is still a must, don’t be afraid to choose clothes that are more vibrant and will assist in putting you out there as a friendly and approachable figure for the young children you’re educating.


As briefly mentioned above, primary school teachers should aim to maintain a professional image with what they wear. This doesn’t have to mean boring clothes in dark shades; fun can still be had with outfits. However, as a figure of authority in the pupils’ lives, you should strive to maintain high standards that keep your control and respectability intact. Part of this professionalism will also be to wear clothing that’s appropriate, such as not wearing highly revealing outfits or clothes with symbols or phrases that may cause offence. Trousers are a great way of presenting a professional image when working in a primary school, with them being suitable for male and female teachers alike. NA-KD sells trousers in a range of styles and fits that are comfortable as well as practical. Trousers are ideal for wear year-round and are a versatile outfit choice that can be paired with just about any kind of top.

To summarise, working around young and impressionable children, it’s essential to present yourself as a friendly yet professional person. A primary school teacher should be sure to avoid any form of symbol or slogan, such as comedy t-shirts, that could offend any of your students or the parents of the children. Going for vibrant colours and patterns can be engaging for children, helping to ease some potential intimidation, while trousers and other clothing options such as shirts can allow you to maintain an age-appropriate image that’s professional. Additionally, wear clothing that’s durable and comfortable as working with kids can be tiring and can also get messy at times.