Dealing with Primary School Transport

Once upon a time, when most children only attended the school that was closest to their parents’ house, the issue of primary school transport simply didn’t exist. If you lived in a small town or village, it might raise its ugly head once high school started, but the majority of primary school children were merely a pleasant amble, (or a breakneck run through a sudden downpour), away from their chosen primary school.

That’s now changed, and more and more children are now taking buses or trains on their way to school. For many parents, this means expense and worry. Thankfully, there are indeed plenty of ways to find out exactly what the practical options are for a journey between your house and your child’s chosen primary school before you commit yourself via the process of enrolment.

First off, take a look at a service such as Google Maps, which will be able to tell you about standard public transport between your home, and your child’s new school. Once you’ve taken a look, don’t also forget to check out the website of your local council or LEA, which will have much more in-depth information about school buses, and other unique school transport options, that a service like Google may be completely unaware of. Using these two sources of information, stop and have a serious think, about how you and your child will get to school in the morning. If it’s going to be impractical, it may be time to start your search again, rather than signing yourself up for seven years of stressful mornings, every single time that you do the school run.