Sending Your Kids To Primary School: What To Do

Primary school is a big step for any child and their parent. The adjustment to starting school can be hard for many kids. Primary school is often called grade school and is the step after preschool and before middle school. It is a big step from the preschool, but there are a few things that parents can do to ease the transition.

  • 1. Have patience with your child. Primary school is a more disciplined environment and your child is experiencing less one to one attention during the day than what the child received in preschool. Your child may be frustrated but some patience and expressions of love an acceptance can make this easier.
  • 2. Make a routine for your child. Sleep is one of the key factors in being successful at anything. Primary school children need their sleep the most. Making sure your children wind down and have time to relax, be comfortable and transition to bedtime is important. Given a routine, a child will thrive but without a routine, a child goes through the day without the ability to set expectations often causing anxiety or an inability to calm or relax.
  • 3. Make sure you are encouraging their success. As a parent, it is easy to become critical. Remind your child that they are well liked and appreciated by the people at primary school. Ensure that they feel safe and comfortable to be themselves and build their confidence so they can learn. Learning requires failure and when kids don’t have the confidence to try, they fail to learn.
  • 4. Make quality time a priority. Routine can help schedule quality time with your child. Dinner at the table, a cuddle on the couch or a book before bed can give your child the quality time they need to have a balanced lifestyle. Primary school sets many expectations and parents need to be a constant presence outside of that environment.
  • 5. Talk to the primary school teachers. As a parent, it is important to know about what you child is doing throughout the day. It is good to know how your child is progressing, if they’re exhibiting any anxieties or facing any social problems. Primary school teachers will be able to give great advice in regards to helping your child succeed.

These are just a few of a long list of tips for parents sending their child to primary school. It is a big adjustment to put your child on the school bus and hope for the best. Everyone knows how difficult social relationships and learning can be which is why it is important to try kry medical and apply all the different tips that you can. Put these tips into action and you’ll see your child comfortable and happy with their new adjustment to independence.