Making Memories of the Final Day

The years have flown by. It may feel like only yesterday that you were waving your son or daughter off at the primary school gates for the very first time, but somehow, several years have passed, and you now find yourself facing up to the reality of the final day at primary school. Wipe that tear away, and make sure that you’re focused on getting as much as possible out of the day. After all, you’re only going to get one shot at getting this right.

There’s no shortage of advice online about how to handle the move over the long term, find the right secondary school, and make sure everything is in place for the first day of high school. Instead, we’re going to focus on the run-up to the end of primary. After all, you have all summer to worry about the transition to secondary (and trust us, you will!)

If your school offers an event to mark the final day which parents can attend, such as a barbecue or disco, then make every effort that you can to go. Of course, in some cases, work or other commitments will make that impossible, but if you do have the option of using a day of annual leave to attend, then we would highly recommend that you do so. If there’s an official photographer at the event, then be prepared to pay a little, so that you have the official photo of the special day. It’ll be something that you will treasure for many years to come; it’s worth whatever overpriced amount that you are being asked to pay on the day.

Long story short, take every opportunity that you have to create special memories on the last day of school. We promise you it’ll be more than worth it!