Getting Ready for High School

Once the last day of primary school is over, and you’ve wiped those tears away, then the moment arrives when your thoughts turn towards what comes next. The transition to high school is a significant moment in any child’s life and can be particularly tricky because your kids will probably be at the age where they really don’t want you to be involved in their lives. You may find yourself having to stand back, and watch things happen when previously you would have got more directly involved. That’s just a part of your child growing up, and discovering what they can, and cannot, do for themselves. When they really need your help, they’ll definitely come looking for it.

Make sure that you’ve got all the practical details sorted for the first day. The whole experience will be stressful enough for your child, even if everything goes smoothly. Being late because you got stuck in traffic, or because the bus doesn’t turn up, may be enough to push your child over the edge. Try and make everything easy for them; they will definitely thank you for it later.